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Iain Ross is a musician, producer and composer who has been touring and recording for over 20 years, both as a session musician and a member of various bands. He plays bass, drums, guitar & piano and sings.

He also works producing and recording for singer/songwriters at Balintore Studios in London.

He has worked with:

Barry Adamson

Mark Fry

Jake Morley

Mally Harpaz


Tom McKean & the Emperors


Sally Barker

and many more, both as a recording artist and touring in the UK, Europe, America and Australia. He also arranges, engineers and produces music for singer/songwriters, as well as composing original music for film, theatre, and dance.

His latest collaboration with Mark Fry is out now on Bandcamp here:

He has written soundtracks for award winning films, composed music for dance pieces and designed sound for theatre shows, as well as being a featured composer at the 'State of the Nation' festival. He hs also worked with dance group 'The Jiving Lindy Hoppers',  jazz tap dancer Will Gaines and pyro-acrobatic European circus troupe 'DNTT'.


Iain lives & works in London

For production at Balintore Studios or for session work please get in touch here

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